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so sweet, reminds me of some of my own life experiences.


This was really cute, I did a video! As always gacha hates me, but it was fun to poke around with it.


amazing, loved the game !!

it won't let me click and drag the coins into the slot :(

Great game!!! My only suggestion is maybe after completing one game, you can click on the stickers that have the amount to automatically put in the coins for that amount?

What a sweet game about life and its experiences :) Its sorta nostalgic, 10/10

Can you make a feature that allows you to add your own prizes?

I love this idea! To be able to create your own gacha items and share your stories with other people. 

I’ll definitely think about this more. Can’t guarantee anything yet, but if we made this feature, would you prefer to choose from existing images or draw your own for the prizes?

Draw your own.

random question, yes, I love the game too. Do you guys know a place where I can record gacha? I do love the game, it is a bit laggy for me but I am used to that by now. I'm telling you, I"ve been searching for hours for a gacha recorder.

Hey there, I'm not sure what you mean by "record gacha". Do you mean record gameplay of our game, Gacha?

Kind of and also other games

The music is really relaxing and the art is just so wholesome!! I love the drawings and the little stories that they tell :D I got all of them except one!

Oh, also in the collection part, the 3 dollar one should be "get out of rehab" and the 2 dollar one the drug one, but both appear as the "get out of rehab" item!!


I'm so glad you like our little game! :) Thanks for playing and way to go collecting most of them! Also thanks for pointing out the typo, must have flew under the radar while we were rushing to meet the game jam finish time.


Yes, I imagine!! I know jams have really little time, but i don't know if you guys are allowed to fix things later or then it doesnt count for the jam anymore :0 but anyway is totally understandable!! <3 

What a cute game! Love the art :)

Thank you! Jewell always makes sure to give the art that extra love 😊

It's a cool game! But..I ran out of da pennies :(

Thank you! Ah, I hope it didn’t bug out. You should be able to get more pennies by clicking the button on the top right when you run out of pennies. 

this was so cute!  i loved it

Thanks for playing! We hope to keep making cosy games people love 😊

This is so amazing! Love it! ♥


Thank you for your kind words!


This has got to be one of, if not my favourite Ludum Dare game. Its take on life is currency really put a new take on the idea, which I had not seen in any others in Ludum Dare 44.  It took a couple of rounds to understand it, but the progression system, at least in my experience, gave the bittersweet feeling of time passing, of memories being made, while time to make more running out. Every new Gacha provided a new piece of that part of the story which ended in a satisfying conclusion, while also giving a great sense of achievement. If this game were developed further and given a price tag, whether on, another website, on Steam or another platform, I would certainly purchase it. It has not only been a great experience but a realisation of how precious time is. Sorry I wrote so much, but it was just an amazing game.

Thank you so much for your kind words and please don't apologise for writing so much, reading your comment brought a huge smile to my face! We're SO happy that you enjoyed the game and got such an experience from it. We were hooked by how the randomness in gacha machines paralleled the randomness in life and the need to use coins for a gacha just worked well with the LD theme.

Also thank you for saying you would purchase it if we developed the game further. It's really encouraging to hear that as a creator and we hope to release games for everyone to enjoy soon!


This is the first game I played on, and is gonna be forever a good memory! Amazing music, super cute art, loved it!


It's our honour! Welcome to and I hope this will be the first of many amazing games! Thanks for playing :)


very fun and cute!! the music is super relaxing and i love the art


Thank you so much! I’m happy to hear that :)


i loved this game and am now kinda bummed i finished it by getting all the items


Awww thank you for the support!! Do you have a favourite item? Haha


yES ITS THE DOG  hes so cute

haha siu mai!! This game is really nice and relaxing, and helps me get the joy of gacha without spending my own money!!


That's an inside joke between us as it's the only cantonese thing Zhiming can recite well hahahaha

Glad to hear that! Thank you :)

The art and music are fantastic, this is a lovely way to spend time. It took me a while to figure out that the toys dropping from the top were a sign that you've unlocked part of a series, not a random event! I wish there were a bit more depth to the events that happen, but I like the concept that how you choose to "spend" your time determines the path you eventually take.


Thank you for your kind words! I’m happy you enjoyed it

Zhiming and I actually took quite a long time trying to figure out the storylines and the sort of tone/atmosphere we wanted to invoke. And yea I’m with you on more depth! I reckon it could be more heartfelt


I really liked this! it was sweet and gentle and I adore these kinds of vending machines :) 


Super cute and chill - great way to spend a few minutes!  It's got a real "Florence" vibe!

I just finished it, got all the items. I quite enjoyed this, I liked the concept of your money being your time, and depending on what experiences you focus on will offer up new options in life. I would love to see another free game use the gacha mechanic for something, because I like collecting things and this game itched that desire, and I'd like to see it more in a way that isn't intrusive gambling.

I'm glad you got the concept! The theme for the game jam was "Your life is currency", so that was our take on it. We're totally open to expanding and exploring the gacha mechanics. It might need to be a premium game to ensure it doesn't have intrusive gambling elements though. Would you be open to buying a game that explores un-intrusive gacha mechanics?

I would be in that kind of situation. The only time I really have issue with something like this is when its a gacha game where I need to pay real money for digital items. I generally don't buy things on and I'd love to see it on steam, where I can purchase it much easier. Either way I hope to see more from you guys in the future!

super fun and addictive, nice and polished 

Thanks for playing!

I liked it but it's unfair you can't tell how many there are in a series...

Is there a proper way to get things? I don't understand how the $3 tub fills up but it works sometimes with the collection mechanic...

Also, when you get the "Mental" toys, they say "Mind" when you get them...

Also, I ended up with $1 but no toys left in that part of the machine and I don't know how to go to the next turn....

Thanks for the feedback about the bugs/typos! Certain toys have more toys in its series to it will automatically unlock them and fill the tubs.

super charming!! thanks for making this :0


I'm so glad you like it! Jewell and I like making cosy games so we hope to make more in the future.

very cool

Thanks for playing!