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GMTK Jam '18 Entry

Real-time Strategy without god-like control.

Fins & Feathers is a take on the RTS genre without the omnipresent viewing and controlling of the world. Control your units by running around and shouting on the battlefield.

Play as General Toucan Ornottoucan as she commands her last band of disciplined Birbs. Embark on a rescue and destroy mission against King Fishywalky and his birb-napping bipedal fish.


Jewell | Art | @jewellpopp

Riz | Art

Jedi | Design & Programming | LinkedIn

Jovi | Programming  | LinkedIn

James | Programming

Zhiming | Programming | @_zhimingchen


Movement - Arrow keys / Analog stick

To Rally:

  • Melee birbs only - Hold Z / Gamepad X
  • Ranged birbs only - Hold X / Gamepad B
  • All birbs - Hold space bar / Gamepad A

Special thanks:

Nach, Raymond


finsandfeathers_gmtk18.zip 36 MB

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